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After twenty-seven years of its establishment, the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs remains the only scholarly institution dedicated to the systematic study of Muslim communities in non-Muslim societies around the world. The Institute has indeed helped open up a new area of specialization. Through holding international conferences, in the pages of our Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs and the publications under the Institute's Book Series, the minority condition is studied in all its dimensions, historic, demographic, social and economic, in addition to examining the abstract and conceptual aspects that define and explain the minority situation. Our research interests extend to include non-Muslim minorities living in Muslim societies, interfaith dialogue with the objective of promoting understanding and the study of Muslim minority women who face particular and complex challenges to their minority existence while maintaining their Islamic identity.

The Institute remains committed to the pursuit of objective and scholarly research on the situation of Muslim minorities and through its Journal provides a forum for a frank but responsible discussion of issues relating to Muslim minority experience. Our Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs is the only scholarly journal studying these communities, and the cumulative index of its twenty-six volumes shows that we have gathered here a wealth of information on Muslim communities in contemporary societies, that cannot be found anywhere else in documented form. Articles published in JMMA are abstracted or indexed in eighteen different publications in USA, UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Malaysia. In the USA alone these publications include the Sociological Abstracts, IBBR, The Middle East Journal, The Muslim World, Social Planning, Policy and Development Historical Abstracts, America: History and Life, Religion Index 1: Periodicals, Index to Book Reviews in Religions and Public Affairs Information Service, Inc., (PAIS).

The objectives of the Institute are to generate and stimulate research and to encourage exchange and cooperative relations among persons engaged in the scientific study of Muslim minority communities. Persons sharing these objectives and concerns are eligible for membership in the Institute. Membership benefits include annual subscription to the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, reduced rates for books and monographs published under the IMMA Book Series, and information on seminars and conferences sponsored by IMMA.

To register as a member of the Institute, please return the attached Membership Application form to our London address. You may also return the application form by e-mail and send the check/bank draft or signature authorization for credit card payment by mail to our London office. Check/bank drafts should be made payable to the "Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs".



Please complete and return the membership application form along with the payment to:

The Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs

46 Goodge Street, London, W1T 4LU, U.K.

Tel. /Fax: (44-207) 636-6740

Submissions for consideration of publication in the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs can be mailed directly to the address above in two hard copies with disk to the attention of the Editor, or can be sent electronically as e-mail attachment.

Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs is registered in the U. K. as Charity No. 288143

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